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Lodge Burns Dundonald

No. 1759

International Delegates

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Our International Delegates section is a selection of pictures taken by our members during their travels outside of Scotland.

To qualify for inclusion our member must be in the picture or have taken it.

Attendance at a meeting is not necessary.

If wearing regalia it must be Dundonald “Colours”

We may be a small Scottish village Lodge

but we like to spread our fraternal greetings worldwide.  

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Bro. John McNeish in Barbados

Bro. John McNeish in Singapore

Bro. John McNeish in Melbourne Australia

Bro. John McNeish in London England

Bro. Wullie Nicol at Orange Blossom Lodge No. 80

Florida USA.

Bro. Wullie Nicol at Antalya 103 Turkey

With Bro. Serdar Eyiler P.M. Antalya 103

Masonic Temple - Antalya Turkey - Bro. Wullie Nicol

International Meeting of various International Lodges

At Lodge Bangor Union 746 Northern Ireland

Bro. Wullie Nicol

Brethren from Greece visiting Lodge Charity 688

In Belfast Northern Ireland

Bro. Wullie Nicol

Bro. Wullie Nicol accompanied brethren of

Lodge Charity 688 Belfast to a “Charity” Lodges meeting at

Farnworth Masonic Hall in Bolton England.

Lodge Fisherwick 505 - Doagh Northern Ireland

Bro. Wullie Nicol

Bro. Wullie Nicol at Fisherwick 505 Northern Ireland

With Bro. Jim McElfatrick P.M. Charity 688

Bro. John Muir P.M. At Chevalier Ramsay No. 4

Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium

Bro. William Nicol P.M. Visiting Perge Lodge 242 in Antalya, Turkey

Bro. John McNeish outside Doric Lodge No. 732

 in Nashville Tennessee