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Lodge Burns Dundonald

No. 1759

R.W.M. Bro. John McNeish


Site Design and Maintenance by Bro. William Nicol P.M.

We meet on the second and last Tuesday, Sept.-April

in the Montgomerie Hall, Main Street, Dundonald - KA2 9HG.

Regular Meetings start at 7.30pm.

A warm welcome awaits all visitors

For any enquiries or assistance

Please contact our webmaster via above e-mail link.

Sorry but we do not offer links to other sites.


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Next Visitations

Away - 29th June 2019 - Visit to Lodge St Molios 774 (Arran) - MM Degree (Cand.)

Home - 24th September 2019 - Visit by Lodge St Marnock 109 MMM Degree (Cand.)


Lodge Biennial visit with Lodge St Molios 774 on the Isle of Arran

Lodge Burns Dundonald 1759 will be visiting Lodge St Molios 774

On Saturday 29th June 2019 to confer the MM Degree on a progressive candidate

Brethren will meet at Ardrossan Ferry Terminal at 9.00am

We will be going on the 9.45am sailing from Ardrossan

And returning on the 4.40pm sailing from Brodick

We will be travelling from Brodick Ferry Terminal to the Lodge

and back on the service bus - 10mins - (remember your bus pass :)

Visiting brethren are more than welcome to join us and enjoy a great day out


On Tuesday 23rd July 2019

RWM Bro. John McNeish and some members of the Lodge

will be climbing Goat Fell on the Island of Arran to raise funds for a local charity

Beautiful Inside and Out (SCIO) Charity No. 044868

Donations can be given via the - Just Giving - website and search for John McNeish


On Tuesday 30th April 2019 a Large deputation from

Lodge Greenock Kilwinning 12

Visited our Lodge and carried out the MMM Degree

On one progressive candidate

An excellent degree and a very enjoyable night.

80 brethren attended and we would like to thank all for coming.

Pictured above is RWM Bro. Bob Crossan and his deputation

From Lodge Greenock Kilwinning 12


On Tuesday 21st May 2019 our RWM Bro John McNeish

Headed a large deputation to our sister Lodge

Lodge Burns St Mary Hurlford 505 where we carried out the FC Degree

Also on that evening our IPM Bro. Brian Callaghan

Received Honorary Membership of Lodge Burns St Mary Hurlford 505

Pictured above is L-R

Bro. Tony Barton - RWM - Lodge St John Maybole 11

Bro. Derek Rutherford - RWM - Lodge Burns St Mary Hurlford 505

Bro. John McNeish - RWM - Lodge Burns Dundonald 1759

Bro. Brian Callaghan - IPM - Lodge Burns Dundonald 1759

and now Honorary Member of Burns St Mary Hurlford 505


On Friday 31st May 2019 our RWM Bro John McNeish

Headed a large deputation to The St John’s Operative Lodge Rutherglen 347

Where we conferred the FC Degree on two candidates

We had an enjoyable evening and thank our hosts for inviting us

and for their hospitality.

Pictured above is RWM Bro. John McNeish and the deputation

(What a happy bunch)